What is ECCAY about?

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“ECCAY - EMPOWERING AND CO-CONSTRUCTING AGENCY OF YOUNG PEOPLE AT RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION” aims to empower young people at risk of social exclusion in an innovative way in training the professionals working with these young people. More specifically, the training aims to help professionals empowering the sense of agency in young people at risk of social exclusion and in developing a solution focused mindset that can help to use their agency to improve their active citizenship.

Active citizenship supports social inclusion and helps fighting poverty and is one of the European Commission's strategies for increasing social cohesion and reducing the democratic deficit. We believe that the process of improving and facilitating active citizenship in young people at risk of social exclusion must take into consideration their sense of agency, as single individuals and as members of a larger community.

As “sense of agency” or “agency” we mean the subjective awareness of initiating, executing, and controlling one's own volitional actions in the world. Active citizenship can be seen as a consequence of the sense of agency: the stronger the sense of agency is, the more effective are the actions made by an individual and/or a community in terms of solidarity and social inclusion. Empowering young people’s agency facilitates their active citizenship as members of EU society, who can contribute to the improvement of the European society by acting as responsible citizens. In other words: If young people feel that they a part of a society and they can actively shape their life and the society, they will involve more actively and try to be part of it.

ECCAY's aim is to develop a C-VET curriculum and learning programme which gives the professionals working with young people at risk of exclusion the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop a solution and creativity focused mindset, which will allow them to empower the sense of agency among their clients/beneficiaries and enhance their inclusion and involvement in society.

ECCAY provides an effective framework of practice based on solution-focused and co-constructive mindset in working with youth at risk of exclusion that will teach professionals how to formulate effective and transformative questions and empower their clients’ skills and abilities in solution building and effective problem solving.
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