ECCAY Handbooks

ECCAY Handbooks are aimed at different stakeholders who have an interest and influence the work with youth at risk of social exclusion. The handbooks are aimed to give them insight and understanding on how ECCAY can support their activities in the field.

  • Are you a youth professional?

The "ECCAY handbook for working with young people at risk of social exclusion" on how to use the ECCAY approach in your work with the young people at risk of social exclusion. It will help you to mobilise and engage them in the agency processes.

  • Are you in the management of a civil society organization?

The "ECCAY guide for civil society organization" will help you understand the ECCAY approach and how it will benefit your organization and the realization of your objectives to support and integrate young people at risk of social exclusion.

  • Are you working for a VET institution?

The "ECCAY Guide for VET institutions" explains you how to build upon and leverage ECCAY and integrate it into your educational and training curricula, in particular for those aimed at professions that will work with groups at risk of exclusion, and young people at risk of social exclusion in particular.

  • Are you working in educational policy?

The "ECCAY Policy Brief" will explain you how public bodies can use the lessons learned and approach from ECCAY to improve social and economic policies aimed at improving support and integration for young people at risk of social exclusion
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