Welcome to ECCAY - EMPOWERING AND CO-CONSTRUCTING AGENCY OF YOUNG PEOPLE AT RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION, the space for all those professionals working with youth at risk of social exclusion who want to learn more about innovative tools and methods, in particular, the Solution Focused Approach, to empower youth to change themselves, their community and society in a positive way.

For whom: for all those professionals working with youth, such as for example educators, teachers, professors, coaches, trainers, social workers, social carers, social-health workers, professional workers in the employment area, work-related therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, management staff in different educational and social organisations, employers, etc.

Our mission

“ECCAY provides those working with young people, especially with those at risk of exclusion, with the knowledge and innovative tools needed to empower them to develop actions that influence their community and society in a positive way”.

Our values

The ECCAY project vision builds upon the following set of values
Cascade approach

Inclusive innovation

Action focus

Cascade approach

Positive change

Action focus

Positive change

Join us today

The e-learning space where professionals will acquire the knowledge and skills to apply innovative tools and a Solution Focus approach is available now. For details click here.

Get inspired by our compendium exploring the use of the Solution Focused Approach across Austria, France, Italy, Romania and Spain. Access here.

Dive into the skills and competences related to the use of innovative tools for empowering youth to become agents of positive change. For details click here.

Acquire the knowledge and skills on innovative tools and the Solution Focused Approach in particular through the offered training. For more information click here.

Gain insights on how the stakeholders from the youth ecosystem can use ECCAY to improve their support, training and policies for youth at risk of social exclusion. Coming soon, more information here.

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